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Camp Club Girls

After meeting at a Christian summer camp, six girls develop a lasting friendship and unite to form the crime-solving Camp Club Girls.

Elizabeth is a proud Texan who loves playing the piano and has a special knack for memorizing Bible verses. Bailey, the youngest (and extremely energetic) member, if from Illinois and dreams of being a pro-golfer. Kate, from Philadelphia, is a self-proclaimed tech geek with a backpack full of gadgets. McKenzie is an avid horse-rider from Montana. Athletic member, Sydney, hails from the nation’s capital. Last, but not least, Alexis is an encyclopedia of TV and movie knowledge that fits her California roots.

Each member’s book in the series contains 4 separate mysteries and are written by different authors. Therefore, each book is written in a slightly different style. However, all contain strong Christian messages.

Although the member books can be read independently, it is recommended that readers start with the Elizabeth book, as it contains the story of how the members met each other.

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